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Mooring Buoy Maintenance

Mooring Inspection & Repair in the Puget Sound

SDS provides annual inspection and maintenance services. Our annual inspection & cleaning include cleaning of all your mooring components and replacement of anodes (zincs) & seizing wire. Our divers can make the repairs to your mooring on-site or, if your system needs an overhaul, we will provide a quote and schedule the repairs.

Installing a new mooring system in the Puget Sound

If you currently do not have a mooring system, SDS has the experience and knowledge to assist you through the installation & permitting process. Every location is unique and we will come up with a solution that matches your needs and a mooring that is rated for your vessel size. Our system includes a custom helical anchor & mid-line float system that is required by Washington State Department of Natural Resources for new mooring installations. These anchors help keep the rest of your system off the seabed. Leaving behind virtually no footprint and preventing the destruction of eelgrass & other sea life.

Our service area covers the entire Puget Sound, Sinclair Inlet, Dyes Inlet, Hoods Canal, Carr inlet, San Juan Islands, Lake Washington & Sammamish. So whether you’re in fresh or saltwater, SDS has a solution for you! You can click the mooring assessment link on this page or just give us a call to get started. We look forward to providing you and your family a fun & safe experience on the water!

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