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BoatU.S. is the nation’s largest organization of recreational boaters with over half a million Members, owning over1-million boats. Founded in 1966 to protect boat owner’s from manufacturing defects, BoatU.S. quickly grew to offer simple to read boat insurance, membership and on the water and road towing.

Today, BoatU.S. has over 605 tow boats across North America servicing over 70,000 calls per
year. Besides towing, BoatU.S. offers many other benefits to Members.

A BoatU.S. Membership can best be described as an auto club for the water such as AAA or Good Sam and use of the service covers all boats the Member owns, rents borrows or charters on the water
and on the road. All boaters will need on the water service at one time or the other.

Membership benefits include bi-monthly issues of BoatU.S. Magazine, shopping rewards at West Marine, discounts at over 1200 marine businesses, boater representation, travel discounts and many other benefits.

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Membership Benefits

• Water Towing & Trailer Towing Service
• Marine Insurance
• Boat Graphics & Lettering
• BoatU.S. Magazine
• Shopping rewards at West Marine
• Boater representation
• Boat Finance
• Free MMSI Number
• Discounts on fuel, slips, repairs & more at over 1,200 boating businesses

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Annual Membership

Basic Membership
Includes $50 towing for water and road.

Unlimited Freshwater Towing Membership

BoatU.S. Pays 100% for On Water Towing, Jump Starts,
Fuel Delivery & Soft Ungroundings on inland lakes & rivers.

Unlimited Saltwater Towing Membership

BoatU.S. Pays 100% for On Water Towing, Jump Starts,
Fuel Delivery & Soft Ungroundings on all bodies of water.

Unlimited Gold Towing Membership

All the benefits of Unlimited Saltwater Towing Membership
and BoatU.S. pays 100% home dock to dock towing up to 25 miles.





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Water Towing Service

600 TowBoatU.S. towboats servicing over 300 ports
  – Find nearby locations on or use the BoatU.S. App
24/7 Dispatch
  – BoatU.S. App (
  – Call (800) 391- 4869
  – Hail “TowBoatU.S.” on VHF 16
Water Towing Assistance for:
  – Jumpstarts
  – Fuel Delivery
  – Soft Ungroundings
  – Engine Failure
  – Towing back to Port

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Road Towing Service

• On-the-road assistance for both your trailer and the towing vehicle while trailering           your boat (only $14 per year with a paid Membership)
24/7 Dispatch
  –BoatU.S. App (
  –Call 800-391-4869
Roadside Towing Assistance
  –100 miles of roadside towing assistance for the boat trailer and tow vehicle.
  –Flat Tires
  –Jump Starts
  –Lockout Service

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Things to Remember

BoatUS Membership covers all boats the Member owns, rents borrows or charters.

BoatUS will tow your boat and towing vehicle up to 100 miles from the point of breakdown.

BoatUS will not leave the boat on the side of the road if the breakdown happens to the towing vehicle.

BoatUS contracts with over 13,000 on the road towing companies throughout the country.


Normal towing services costs $250 per hour with an average tow costing of $750 to the customer.
Normal towing services charge from the moment they leave their dock until they return to their dock after completing the tow.

If you use towing coverage from your insurance company, you will likely need to pay out of pocket
and get a reimbursement from your insurance company.

Many auto clubs offer a similar service for $200 while BoatUS Trailer Assist is only an additional $14 per year with a Membership.


If a BoatUS Member has Unlimited or Unlimited Gold Towing, they pay nothing out of pocket.

TowBoatUS has the largest fleet of tow boats in the country with over 600. If a Member needs service where a BoatUS boat is unavailable, BoatUS will find an independent operator for the service and reimburse the cost up to their service level.


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