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Seattle Diving Services understands the importance of a stable and level floating home. Our Floating Home Services are designed to ensure that your houseboat remains secure, structurally sound, and comfortable. 

Floating home Inspection
Leveling a floating home underwater

Our Floating Home Leveling process begins with a comprehensive structural assessment. We examine the foundation, supports, and overall structure to identify any signs of listing.

Leveraging advanced leveling techniques, our skilled technicians carefully and precisely adjust the home's elevation.  We consider factors such as the type of floatation system, materials, and underwater conditions.

Floating homes on the lake

Safeguard the stability and comfort of your floating home. Contact Seattle Diving Services today to schedule a consultation

Custom Solutions

Every floating home is unique, and our Floating Home Leveling solutions are tailored to the specific characteristics of your residence.

Alignment Correction

Misalignment can lead to a range of issues, from uneven weight distribution to structural strain.

Our leveling services include correcting any misalignment, ensuring that the floating home is evenly supported.

Preventive Measures

Our leveling services are not just reactive; they also include preventive measures to minimize the risk of future settling or misalignment. This may involve reinforcing supports, adding additional flotation, or implementing other proactive strategies.

Boat propeller before & after cleaning
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