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Depending on bottom and seasonal conditions, the tackle on your mooring system could last as little as one year, or as
long as five. SDS understands these factors and can replace any failing tackle or install a complete new mooring system.





SDS - Single Anchor Mooring Buoy

SDS - Double Anchor Mooring Bridle


Inspection & Cleaning

We will clean and inspect your mooring system and replace anodes, seizing wire, & swivel. HD video footage included.


Lost Mooring System Retrieval

We will find & retrieve your system. 


Eelgrass Survey

Eelgrass/Macro Algae Habitat Survey


Custom Mooring System Installations 

All of SDS mooring systems are custom built to meet your specific needs. SDS uses American made certified components when
available & executes proper engineering processes and procedures. 

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Permit Services

Before installing a new mooring system you will need all the proper permits. SDS can assist you with the permit process so you can get a jump start on getting your mooring system installed. 


The window for New Mooring Buoy Installations is Aug 15th - Feb 1st.
Maintenance of existing systems can be executed year around.

The window for Eelgrass Surveys is June 1st - Sept. 30th. 

Mooring Systems - A Few Things To Consider 

IMPORTANT: If you decide to have a mooring buoy installed, remember that all mooring systems are not created
equal. All of SDS mooring systems are tailored to your specific vessel & use American made parts when available.


After Your Mooring Buoy Is Installed
Pendants, dock lines, and bridles typically fail at the chock. SDS recommends using chafe guards/protection to reduce chafing of your lines and check them on a regular basis.

Annual/Biennial Inspections
It is important to have your mooring system inspected and cleaned every 1-2 years and it is critical the sacrificial anodes, seizing wire, and swivel are replaced at that time. No Exceptions.

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